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July, 23rd 2019 - On-going fixes, re-auth requirements, and future work
I'm back on the wagon of fixing the growing list of snags Fleet-Up has been collecting over the past year. Over the past few weeks it came to my attention that a large part of the core skills integration with EVE was failing for all number of reasons. The auth tokens from EVE changed length and I was bad and didn't accommodate for this, I got the service temp-banned because of repeated failing calls with invalid refresh tokens, and finally some old keys and bad code was causing some generic failures.
The good news is that I believe I have overcome the first round of issues with adding and updating characters through ESI. As a result of this users may need to re-auth their characters and will see warning on the homepage if this is the case. However, there is work still to be done and I'll be working on this over the next few weeks.
Spring Cleaning
One of the problems I found in digging through all the data was the sheer volume of dead and unused API keys, with associated characters, that are stored on Fleet-Up. This historical data serves little or no purpose since it cannot be used to do a whole lot.
In addition to this, CCP have cancelled refresh tokens for some API keys- this means a new auth token will need to be generated for certain keys. You'll know if this affects you because you'll see a big red warning on the home page.
Finally, and this one's for you CCP, I've put some code in place that looks out for expired refresh tokens and perma-fails the character token - forcing users to re-auth their character. So the ESI should see a whole lot fewer failure requests from this service (if this is not the case and you work for CCP please mail me at and I'll fix my sh!).
Re-Auth FTW!
As a result of the spring clean you may find you have had characters removed and you have been booted from some groups. If this happened to you I'm very sorry - it could not be helped (they were broken anyway) and you can simply re-add your character and re-apply to your groups in the normal way.
Re-adding your characters is a simple task that can be performed under the characters area or using the button below.
Fixes coming!
I know there's some stuff still broken / missing and I'm working on fixing that. The bigger things I know about are below but please feel free to contact me regarding anything not on the list:-
  • Some issues with registering new Slack API integrations
  • Syncing fittings to in-game fits appears to be broken
  • Fleet tracker and asset import missing since new ESI work
Fly safe o/
 Posted by Wacktopia on 23rd July 2019