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May, 15th 2018 - Version 1.4.2 - Database Update and Roadmap
Fleet-Up version 1.4.2 has been released, which includes an updated version of the EVE Online database, a new database update tool (back end), and the additional of the missing structure types for operations and timers.
As always, a list of all changes can be found in the change log.
New EveDB Import System
The main reason behind the Fleet-Up database previously being somewhat behind the latest EVE version is because the process of updating it was manual and tedious. In order to offer a better experience for both myself and end users I have developed a repeatable import tool, which picks up all the EVE data and imports it into the Fleet-Up database and also performs any manipulation that is required for the many performance caches that exist.
Going forward database updates to Fleet-Up will be much quicker and simpler to perform and therefore I will be able to do them more regularly. Huzzah.
New Structure Types
Structure types for the new engineering complexes and refineries have been added to the timers and operations area. Lots of people have asked about these being added - sorry it's taken a while. As per the database updates I should be able to perform these changes much quicker going forwards.
What's coming next? Expect the below to start showing up from June 2018 onwards...
  • New Fleet and Asset Tracker - New fleet and asset trackers that use the ESI data instead of the now-gone IGB!
  • Legacy Third Party Removal - Any external products or services that Fleet-Up refers to that are no longer active (eg EVE Gate) will be removed or replaced
  • Better ESI Integration - There's lots of great operations that can be performed using the ESI interfact, which I will be taking advantage of
Beyond that, I'm getting back into EVE as a game again and I'll be developing forward based on immediate needs and feedback.
 Posted by Wacktopia on 15th May 2018