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May, 7th 2018 - Version 1.4 - ESI Support
Fleet-Up version 1.4 has been released. The major component change in this release is the removal of all CREST and XML API integrations with EVE and the addition of ESI in it's place.
It is very important that you visit the characters area and authorise all your Fleet-Up characters using the new ESI auth system. Failure to do this will result in your characters being removed from Fleet-Up!
What does this mean?
Fleet-Up works and functions largely as it did before with the exception of how characters are added to your account. Previously an XML 'key' was required to add characters and read skills etc, however, now users can authorize characters through EVE online using the SSO system.
To add characters to your account visit the characters area and use the "authorize" button. You will be asked which scopes you would like Fleet-Up to have access to - select those appropriate for your desired usage and click "authorize". You will be taken to EVE Online's login system and asked to confirm before being returned to Fleet-Up.
What about existing characters?
Any characters stored against your account that have not been authorised through EVE will be automatically deleted from 1st July 2018. To avoid bad things happening please be sure to head over to the characters section and authorize all of your existing characters using the new ESI authentication system.
Now more secure!
One of the added bonuses of using ESI is a more secure experience. The XML API suffered from leaked or shared keys compromising security. The reason for improved secuirty using ESI is simple: to add a character to Fleet-Up you need to log in through EVE and authorize the character directly.
What's Next?
Next I will be updating the Fleet-Up database with the latest EVE database and after that re-developing the asset and fleet trackers. Currently the asset and fleet trackers are offline whilst I re-develop them.
 Posted by Wacktopia on 7th May 2018