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August, 28th 2019 - Slack Integration and In-Game Fitting Sync Fixes
Couple more fixes gone live today. Users have reported problems settings up Slack integrations due to the length of API key field. The in-game fitting sync has been broken for a while also. Both of these have been fixed.
Please see the change log for a history of updates and changes.
 Posted by Wacktopia on 28th August 2019

July, 23rd 2019 - On-going fixes, re-auth requirements, and future work
I'm back on the wagon of fixing the growing list of snags Fleet-Up has been collecting over the past year. Over the past few weeks it came to my attention that a large part of the core skills integration with EVE was failing for all number of reasons. The auth tokens from EVE changed length and I was bad and didn't accommodate for this, I got the service temp-banned because of repeated failing calls with invalid refresh tokens, and finally some old keys and bad code was causing some generic failures.
The good news is that I believe I have overcome the first round of issues with adding and updating characters through ESI. As a result of this users may need to re-auth their characters and will see warning on the homepage if this is the case. However, there is work still to be done and I'll be working on this over the next few weeks.
Spring Cleaning
One of the problems I found in digging through all the data was the sheer volume of dead and unused API keys, with associated characters, that are stored on Fleet-Up. This historical data serves little or no purpose since it cannot be used to do a whole lot.
In addition to this, CCP have cancelled refresh tokens for some API keys- this means a new auth token will need to be generated for certain keys. You'll know if this affects you because you'll see a big red warning on the home page.
Finally, and this one's for you CCP, I've put some code in place that looks out for expired refresh tokens and perma-fails the character token - forcing users to re-auth their character. So the ESI should see a whole lot fewer failure requests from this service (if this is not the case and you work for CCP please mail me at and I'll fix my sh!).
Re-Auth FTW!
As a result of the spring clean you may find you have had characters removed and you have been booted from some groups. If this happened to you I'm very sorry - it could not be helped (they were broken anyway) and you can simply re-add your character and re-apply to your groups in the normal way.
Re-adding your characters is a simple task that can be performed under the characters area or using the button below.
Fixes coming!
I know there's some stuff still broken / missing and I'm working on fixing that. The bigger things I know about are below but please feel free to contact me regarding anything not on the list:-
  • Some issues with registering new Slack API integrations
  • Syncing fittings to in-game fits appears to be broken
  • Fleet tracker and asset import missing since new ESI work
Fly safe o/
 Posted by Wacktopia on 23rd July 2019

July, 19th 2019 - API and other Fixes
Over the past week it has been brought to my attention that character registration using the ESI Api was failing. Furthermore the SSL for Fleet-Up expired. These two things combined have caused users problems accessing the service and registering new characters.
Both the ESI Api and SSL issues have since been resolved and therefore users can accesss the site and register new characters. Apologies for any inconvenience caused by these issues.
 Posted by Wacktopia on 19th July 2019

July, 5th 2019 - Database Update
Fleet-Up has been updated to the latest EVE Online databsase files from 26th June 2019.
 Posted by Wacktopia on 5th July 2019

Jan, 14th 2019 - Database Update and ESI Fixes
For the last few days users have experienced character skills and fitting flyability not updating, inability to add new characters, and similar. These issues were caused by the url for ESI integration being changed and Fleet-Up not working with the redirect. I have since fixed these issues by updating the url for integration to the new version. Users should now see their skills updating and are able to add new characters to Fleet-Up. Sorry for any problems.
The Fleet-Up item and skills database has also been updated to the latest from CCP. This means skills, itemsl, and their relationships in Fleet-Up match EVE Online itself.
Thanks to those users who have shouted / asked about either of the above - your feedback is essential.
 Posted by Wacktopia on 14th Jan 2019

May, 15th 2018 - Version 1.4.2 - Database Update and Roadmap
Fleet-Up version 1.4.2 has been released, which includes an updated version of the EVE Online database, a new database update tool (back end), and the additional of the missing structure types for operations and timers.
As always, a list of all changes can be found in the change log.
New EveDB Import System
The main reason behind the Fleet-Up database previously being somewhat behind the latest EVE version is because the process of updating it was manual and tedious. In order to offer a better experience for both myself and end users I have developed a repeatable import tool, which picks up all the EVE data and imports it into the Fleet-Up database and also performs any manipulation that is required for the many performance caches that exist.
Going forward database updates to Fleet-Up will be much quicker and simpler to perform and therefore I will be able to do them more regularly. Huzzah.
New Structure Types
Structure types for the new engineering complexes and refineries have been added to the timers and operations area. Lots of people have asked about these being added - sorry it's taken a while. As per the database updates I should be able to perform these changes much quicker going forwards.
What's coming next? Expect the below to start showing up from June 2018 onwards...
  • New Fleet and Asset Tracker - New fleet and asset trackers that use the ESI data instead of the now-gone IGB!
  • Legacy Third Party Removal - Any external products or services that Fleet-Up refers to that are no longer active (eg EVE Gate) will be removed or replaced
  • Better ESI Integration - There's lots of great operations that can be performed using the ESI interfact, which I will be taking advantage of
Beyond that, I'm getting back into EVE as a game again and I'll be developing forward based on immediate needs and feedback.
 Posted by Wacktopia on 15th May 2018

May, 7th 2018 - Version 1.4 - ESI Support
Fleet-Up version 1.4 has been released. The major component change in this release is the removal of all CREST and XML API integrations with EVE and the addition of ESI in it's place.
It is very important that you visit the characters area and authorise all your Fleet-Up characters using the new ESI auth system. Failure to do this will result in your characters being removed from Fleet-Up!
What does this mean?
Fleet-Up works and functions largely as it did before with the exception of how characters are added to your account. Previously an XML 'key' was required to add characters and read skills etc, however, now users can authorize characters through EVE online using the SSO system.
To add characters to your account visit the characters area and use the "authorize" button. You will be asked which scopes you would like Fleet-Up to have access to - select those appropriate for your desired usage and click "authorize". You will be taken to EVE Online's login system and asked to confirm before being returned to Fleet-Up.
What about existing characters?
Any characters stored against your account that have not been authorised through EVE will be automatically deleted from 1st July 2018. To avoid bad things happening please be sure to head over to the characters section and authorize all of your existing characters using the new ESI authentication system.
Now more secure!
One of the added bonuses of using ESI is a more secure experience. The XML API suffered from leaked or shared keys compromising security. The reason for improved secuirty using ESI is simple: to add a character to Fleet-Up you need to log in through EVE and authorize the character directly.
What's Next?
Next I will be updating the Fleet-Up database with the latest EVE database and after that re-developing the asset and fleet trackers. Currently the asset and fleet trackers are offline whilst I re-develop them.
 Posted by Wacktopia on 7th May 2018

April, 17th 2018 - The Future of Fleet-Up
Many people have been contacting me recently regarding Fleet-Up and more specifically about two subjects. Firstly, the impending XML API switch off, which Fleet-Up is built on, and secondly updating the database to include the latest ships and modules.
EVE Online and Fleet-UP development used to be full-on pasttimes for me but over the past 18 months my time and energy for both has dropped to almost nothing. I wish I could spend more time doing both (and may well again) but for now I'm a lurker in EVE at best. That said, this old dog aint dead yet, and Fleet-Up will continue...
ESI Support When?
It's no secret that for Fleet-Up to continue to work the entire service will need to move off the existing XML API and over to the new and shiney ESI API. CCP will be switching off the old XML API on the 8th May this year, which is basically in a few weeks time.
The good news is that ESI builds on the existing SSO functionality, which Fleet-Up already uses in a few places. So, I'm setting to work to implementthe new calls for skill and character data using ESI instead of XML. My aim is to get this all live for the end of April, in the next couple of weeks.
What does this mean for users?
All existing users and data will remain as-is, however, in order to add and track EVE characters all users will need to register new ESI keys through the system. Naturally this will require manual intervention from every active user so I'm working to make this process as simple and painless as possible.
Otherwise, Fleet-Up will continue as-is. It's certainly not going anyware and you may even see me in game again one day soon!
Database Update
I'm also concious that the Fleet-Up EVE database is out of date. Over the years it has become more complicated for me to update this because of the move away from SQL Server to XAML and SQLLite base data - essentially I have to convert and import the data which is a pain. That said, I'll be updating the database to the latest version either before or as part of the update for ESI support.
 Posted by Wacktopia on 17th April 2018

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